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Welcome to West Michigan Martial Arts!


We are proud to serve Portage, MI and it’s surrounding cities as the #1 martial arts school in southwest Michigan.


Our children's programs are much more than the typical “martial arts daycare centers” that offer big monthly fees and little in the way of developing focus, discipline, leadership skills and emotional intelligence. We take pride in our teacher to student ratio as well as a unique curriculum that develops the ability to handle more than punches and kicks!

Adult classes at West Michigan Martial Arts offer training in self protection skills and mind/body development through classical Japanese jujutsu and swordsmanship curriculum that have been developed over centuries and are presented in a systematic and easy to learn modern manner.  If you're wondering how these classes accomplish this click here.

Our children’s and adult classes are both offered in a positive environment where everyone is pushed to grow and become a warrior in both body and mind.

Are You Interested in Joining?


Why is West Michigan Martial Arts the PERFECT place for you or your child to learn martial arts? ?

The answer is that we offer SO MUCH MORE than basic martial arts classes.  All of our classes are HIGH ENERGY with inbuilt lessons for kid's training such as how to FOCUS, how to RESPECT yourself and others, that KINDNESS is true strength and we are STRONG in body and mind!

All of our instruction is age appropriate and focuses on martial arts skills as well as "life skills".  We are NOT LIKE other martial arts schools:

No Tournaments - We are about self growth not WINNING a fight.

No Trophies - We reward self control and teach violence as a last resort.

No Exclusion - EVERY STUDENT MATTERS and is treated in a way that helps them unlock their potential.  

Interested in more information?  Please click on the email link here westmidao@yahoo.com or fill out the quick contact form and we will be in touch within 24 hours!



TEL: (269) 382-1600

E-MAIL: westmidao@yahoo.com

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